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Web Design & Development

Web apps are not real applications; they are really websites that, in many ways, look and feel like native applications, but are not implemented as such. They are run by a browser and typically written in HTML5. Web apps became really popular when HTML5 came around and people realized that they can obtain native-like functionality in the browser. These are all features that are available in HTML5. Also available are the GPS, the tap-to-call feature, and, there is talk about a camera API, although I haven’t seen any web app (or web page) that takes advantage of it so far. There are, however, native features that remain inaccessible (at least from now) in the browser: the notifications, running in the background, accelerometer information (other than detecting landscape or portrait orientations), complex gestures.

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Android App Development

A custom Android app can do wonders for your brand, whether you’re using it for employee productivity, as a social engagement mechanism, or as a way to facilitate things like loyalty or rewards programs. We are extremely experienced in building a wide array of social apps, productivity apps, Localization apps, and ecommerce apps for brands around the world. Our focus on effective design, cutting-edge technology, and cost-effectiveness throughout our development process makes us a great choice for brands looking to leverage mobile technology.

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